Thursday, May 3, 2007

short explanation concerning illuminating

I should write still briefly that one sees a building in a picture. there I live. photographed ists by the way out uemuets dwelling. oh, before Sunday will I pointed looks still into another room to move to be allowed, because mine is to be reconditioned somehow. and I had been already surprised, why everywhere over me around and only mine is painted kaemmerlein so old and Chinese looks…
but which is to happen exactly - who knows it already. that becomes probable again a very very spontaneous action. but on sowas I am always adjusted - otherwise I would have here no chance.
in another picture one sees a popular play at public places. struggle-throw. sometimes one throws on cigarette boxes and sometimes evenly on krimskrams. besides then halfalive rabbits, touching crescent, any singing birds etc. are whether the possierlichen tierchen only as a domestic animal to apply are…? we place ourselves all this times simply forwards…
in this reflect.
all good from the far east!

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