Thursday, May 3, 2007


so, goes nevertheless!

at the beginning equal an absolute treat. it goes nevertheless nix over sweating and warm centralold gouda! that was a happening! lakritz I did not touch yet (up to few sallos), which I will gradually enjoy!


here a get-getting that young man with cap! the other day I by the way arrived finally here. with buy me the Chinese salesman as a uighuren regarded (ok, there I came degrees from the wild and did not see a little dangerously out I would have myself not over that away trusted…) and me the price on uighurisch to mediate want. class!

here a small impression of a court. there were not camel feet nevertheless then, but was everything of the finest! and the most beautiful: the evening cost me altogether to 110 euro. contain in it: spacerent (naturally with most modern dvd and karaokeoptionen), menu with approx. 20 courses and drink (there then also in or andre liquor was with). who plans ne large celebration thus shortly: possibly consider a charter aircraft to organize and then off after the Far East!

equivalent gehts further with tierchen


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Mirella said...

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