Thursday, May 3, 2007

I am again attainable and live still!

on the report must you still two meet wait. there I give strive myself!
you are however already times to know that I heal and am more or less healthy from the wild back. it was ingenious and I would like actually tomorrow again…
but it is to be been also beautifully again in the civilization!
who adventure stories (and of it it gives some!) not to be waiting can, which can call me immediately naturally also again. once again the number: if a cheap preselection looks for you for mobile telephones in China, then 008613369618992.
I wish you meanwhile all good! loves greet!

ah! particularly on katrin and Thomas! you both congratulations later on the birthday!
over my celebration and the gifts it will give naturally also still another detailed report. oh ever that will for a long time last…

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