Thursday, May 3, 2007

bake in town

… are not enough however. starting from Sunday gehts already again into the wild, this time for scarcely three weeks. naja, lecker beans and potatoes eat. fits already, but already the recreating river waits to bathes for me (water playing photos gibts then later…).
I saw nearly the entire province exactly, meanwhile. that gave ne mixes imprints more beautifully. I tried occasionally always times, hire to photograph typically for China am, at least after my past experiences.
briefly in summary I want to say:
- here it gives still coladosen with breaking catches (you remind you?)
- the good old cartridge. there are it still!! see for example in kashgar.
- which may not be missing: mandatory traffic history. how would it be with an open, unsecured duct cover?
- the unbelievable English language of the Chinese. to above all always shoot - written things! in for example advertisement will watch television for the transmission the “English more oremier league” made.
otherwise I this morning waked of my China caretaker. was located suddenly in my corridor and meant themselves on Chinese volllabern to have. I did not find really so merry. with some I will not times weight probably at all, if they will not be located at one time in the room - topic. but I find the chap unsymphatisch. my uighurische secret weapon will possibly set on it…

as we drove the other day by taklamakan, there it rained. if with the next time again happens, then I let patent genuinly as a rain man and travel myself there by the wild world, in order humans hope and glueckseligkeit to bring. I could make that naturally in such a way or in such a way. hey, which you make so vocationally - naja, I bring humans dear and peace in such a way and…
ok, again everything in order. I have from time to time an extreme cheese and lakritzmangel. that becomes then apparent in the right kleinhirn, where my bloggedanken is created.
it does not give in the wild also simply moves, but it mostly storms sand in addition. my cameras of having not spassig found. before Sunday I should procure myself still brushes and cloth, otherwise I cannot photograph no more starting from in the middle of August.
I say good-bye under shower now, those have I urgently necessarily. at least twice I already smelled myself. before it into the deep goes too much - machts well. I imagine still which merry out before Sunday and write it you!

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