Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God give us ears Lider

"God give us ears Lider", already moaned satirist Kurt Tucholsky in 1931, but his prayer for less noise remained unheard until now: night after night there in countless bedrooms, a noise level that exceeds the values of the Noise Ordinance at work sometimes. However, snoring, not only does the sleep of the bed partner to a violent end. Snoring is a not to be underestimated burden for the partnership, determined Sleep researchers in a new study. What happens when snoring is well known: Noise is caused by vibrations of the enervating during sleep muscles at the constrictions of the upper airway. A clear scientific definition for snoring (snoring so nobly called in the medical nomenclature), however, does not exist today. Objective measurements are less reliable than the subjective assessments of bed partners. The Swiss ENT specialist Rudolf Häusler keeps snoring for a socio-cultural phenomenon as a result of evolution. The reasoning of the professor emeritus of the University of Bern: "Wild Animals not snore, snore Pets".

The unusual design for nail manicure

The unusual design for nail manicure Design fuer Nagel-Manikuere

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

312-0416 Dell Lithium-Ion Battery

312-0416 Dell Lithium-Ion Battery

This is a Brand New Dell Smart Li-Ion Laptop Battery.

Compatible Dell Notebook Models:
Inspiron: B120, B130 and 1300.
Latitude: 120L.

Dell Part Numbers: 312-0416, 0XD184, XD184, KD186, TD611, TD612, UD535, XD184, XD186, HD438,

Product Specifications:

Rating: 11.1V
Capacity: 56 Wh
Size: 8.06'' x 2.12" x 0.87"
Color: Black
Technology: Lithium-Ion
Contacts: 6 Position
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

312-0416 Dell Lithium-Ion Battery

Thursday, May 3, 2007


two beer more and I would have been so far.
details I save better, but thank you hard TIG; thank you Fritz!
that was scarce. evenly my telephone has as a precaution issued…
to sleep go. tomorrow procure new handynummer… (fun, but telephone is really out.)
I am nevertheless only one student and no businessman.

move still…

for what do I make thus the dear long day? correctly: drink. for what am I actually a student? was not so planned, but for spontaneous actions I had ümüt my own. thus. this morning I had arranged myself with him, in order to return the whole equipment of wüstentrip again duly. has in such a way with more ner grants counted and me for afterwards already times loosely with whom arranged. but far been missing. ümüt says, now meet with German medium representative. jörg well, ok says. finally we have one grant ourselves to 1 in the office maintained with the master and its coworker. subsequently: the lunch. alone, but with various others do not befriend. an oil businessman out dubai, an autosalesman out urumqi, a stealing dealer, fernsehfritzen. knows the devil. there was correctly geiles eats, lecker bierchen (the native naturally liquor). what does one want more? women were added sometime, dance. more beer, ever more eat. ümüt was meanwhile the university.
then are we late meat soup drink gone - that is very good after alcohol! think of the electrolytes!! and so I was again here against half 12. so fast the day goes around. but I had ne mix fun and the collsten translator became acquainted with. with that I sat there degrees in the end still alone.
so now still a little bvb look, then sleep. tomorrow the university goes loosely! I meet only times with ümüt, then we plan the next meet.


what is that please-beautifully? there do I become this morning awake and it rain outside? looks so like 16 degrees and grey. I must tighten nevertheless not long things?

where am I here? it rained three weeks ago ago already!

beautiful Sunday nevertheless!

work-presses in out argan

much fun!

so for example garbage separation functions in the wild. stop stinks a little. other people let its stuff stop lie, which is better can everyone for itself decide. garbage disposal is in any case also nich…

here I am to be seen. arduously and ingeniously at the same time!

the continuation of my famous photo series of “ass parade”. without words!

firewood is not also carriage free supplied. thank God stand ne mixes pappeln around. can do one alternatively tamarisken themselves to use, the own also in fresh form than kebabspiess! importantly to know if one times none to the hand has!

that is the son of the cook here. our all-dearest photo object…

I made the photo, was active I!

a geiles picture of lam. by the way: did you have A good time this afternoon? sometimes 2 hours is way too short… best wishes, keep smiling!!

and in the sand one can do naturally also some films to verknipsen. is also happened…

which concerns euphratpappel. strong tree! these were particularly beautiful here.

here for us one cooked. thank God that took over the super nice family for us.

therefore the whole then also wild is called…

the rolls keep themselves also eternal. in the second week one needs “to cut open” however an axe to. in-soft is also advisable even if senseless in principle. but mice hold themselves their teeth also intact through nibble.

here a tamariske in full bloom splendour. even well smelled!

I call this picture tradition meet modern. or so similarly. had preceded a 1a-schlachtprozedur. 1 meter beside it we sat Germans at the computer. interesting - above all however lecker!

here we lived. argan degrees for ours leaves converted into an oil station. 200 workers will bore türmchen until February and build… make me happy already on October!

for the connection a picture of wüstenjörg. meanwhile I look again differently.