Thursday, May 3, 2007

move still…

for what do I make thus the dear long day? correctly: drink. for what am I actually a student? was not so planned, but for spontaneous actions I had ümüt my own. thus. this morning I had arranged myself with him, in order to return the whole equipment of wüstentrip again duly. has in such a way with more ner grants counted and me for afterwards already times loosely with whom arranged. but far been missing. ümüt says, now meet with German medium representative. jörg well, ok says. finally we have one grant ourselves to 1 in the office maintained with the master and its coworker. subsequently: the lunch. alone, but with various others do not befriend. an oil businessman out dubai, an autosalesman out urumqi, a stealing dealer, fernsehfritzen. knows the devil. there was correctly geiles eats, lecker bierchen (the native naturally liquor). what does one want more? women were added sometime, dance. more beer, ever more eat. ümüt was meanwhile the university.
then are we late meat soup drink gone - that is very good after alcohol! think of the electrolytes!! and so I was again here against half 12. so fast the day goes around. but I had ne mix fun and the collsten translator became acquainted with. with that I sat there degrees in the end still alone.
so now still a little bvb look, then sleep. tomorrow the university goes loosely! I meet only times with ümüt, then we plan the next meet.


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