Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God give us ears Lider

"God give us ears Lider", already moaned satirist Kurt Tucholsky in 1931, but his prayer for less noise remained unheard until now: night after night there in countless bedrooms, a noise level that exceeds the values of the Noise Ordinance at work sometimes. However, snoring, not only does the sleep of the bed partner to a violent end. Snoring is a not to be underestimated burden for the partnership, determined Sleep researchers in a new study. What happens when snoring is well known: Noise is caused by vibrations of the enervating during sleep muscles at the constrictions of the upper airway. A clear scientific definition for snoring (snoring so nobly called in the medical nomenclature), however, does not exist today. Objective measurements are less reliable than the subjective assessments of bed partners. The Swiss ENT specialist Rudolf Häusler keeps snoring for a socio-cultural phenomenon as a result of evolution. The reasoning of the professor emeritus of the University of Bern: "Wild Animals not snore, snore Pets".

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