Friday, April 13, 2007

sky or hell?

to two meet turfan are enough, in order to visit everything once in the fast run and pull a murderer program through. but gladly I return to this place again.
day 1 and day 2 differ noticeably from each other. first takes place with an unrestrained Chinese group of travels, the latter with friendly localwell-informed (former) students. on the first day naturally again once all prejudices are confirmed. a singular rumgewusel, is it with steps out of the bus, during the mass treatment in estimated 48 between stops with selected and not at all abzockerischen (yawn), guarantees genuine jade, junk and klüngel selling tourifallen…
I had however nevertheless to slam shut (to thus buy), because these shops am believe I the only possibility picture postcards to buy. thus I will meet in the next thus maps to write.
which is still noticeable at the group. the Chinese did not come out xinjiang, and apparent still no uighuren had seen. now they got tourist demonstrations of dance and singing, of free grape-rehearse and free melon - handed in traditional garbs. thus naturally no picture of equivalent humans develops with the Chinese, on the contrary has which from zoo. not beautifully. to that extent I was also quite glad that we drove in the evening not again back to urumqi (the common tourist is too hot it in turfan), but we one night in the hotel remained.
on the second day there was then a very competent line of ali, to which before five meet to dad had become and accordingly well English spoke. a goal completely particularly did it to me. tuyuk valley, a valley about one grants from turfan far away, in the entrance of the valley with much fresh water gives it a very old city with beautiful mosque, in the ravine is deeper age-old excavates with buddhistischen wandmalereien. this place had somewhat separated, mystisches and nearly paradiesisches. beautifully.
otherwise over turfan old, enormous ruin fields of old capitals are, to gone down rich. one visits the whole under the sengenden suns.
besides I experienced something over the emergence of mankind. there was a married couple (brother and sister). in a clay/tone furnace humans became too short to create, whereby the Chinese had exactly the correct color, the black in it-remained for a long time and we white. nevertheless does sense make, or? but it continues! the sister was able besides everything to melt. thus it could once grounds from the fall to save. because one of the four supporting columns was broken (poured malheur!). there it melted from stones replacement and renewed the column. this was however somewhat shorter than the others, and that is the reason, why today in China all rivers flow off after southeast. that is so simple!
now I would like to write something briefly to the photos. on one see to her a goat. this creature stood briefly before heat death, assumes I. a small suspicion falls on hard TIG. perhaps could you are in do sew and of more kebabtier by the ruin city be pulled??
in addition I can present you at this picture my in the meantime unfassbareb Chinese knowledge. the parking lot sign proves this place clearly as parking lot for sweating kebabtiere with merry-multicolored trailers!
so, enough for the moment. I must still ne mix make today. ümüt an interview date in to watch television later, there goes along I and looks themselves the whole times from sews on. and tomorrow' s goes then on large travels through xinjiang. who wants to after-pursue on the map: we start the city after northwest, there lie in approximately 800 km yili. then we go back again, something south of urumqi after korla, then the 500km-wüstenstrasse by the pure taklamakan to the south. there we look at ourselves to the west following several oases, among them for example hotan. we come then in the west of xinjiang into the secret capital of the uighuren, to kashgar. subsequently, we continue to drive to northeast and come to aksu, into the city of ümüts family. and then' s will go again to urumqi, to thousands of kilometers…

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