Friday, April 13, 2007

the large travels - part 2

hello together!
still there I am! in kashgar, a correctly correctly fine city! after five minutes I already met someone on the road out urumqi. and the best: tomorrow Sunday is - day of the camel! no, but it is a giant bazaar with approx. 150,000 humans. and there I will buy and mirror-image-eat myself a camel from it to prepare. perhaps also not.
altogether is ours travel so far very eventfully, maintenance SAM and full new experiences. unfortunately can I mean whole pictures nevertheless only in urumqi again in the net to probably place, I am glad that I have here at all time to write something times briefly.
in the latter are we meet the whole silk road of korla (the city after the unbelievable mountains) over kuqa and aksu (awat with excursion to the relationship of guhar in) entlanggebrettert in our supervehicle. so far there is already over 2000 km on schlagloechergespickten highways, occasionally interrupted of modest police patrols, those our driver once 500 yuan (!) unbuttoned. but the next do not meet become more erholsamer, we must across taklamakan shortly back into the north. there it is called stores of water carries forward.
jut, I must slowly back in the hotel, which is by the way the old British consulate, who is occupied times with the silk road, that would be allowed that to know.
I say good-bye with the best wish!

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