Friday, April 13, 2007

I am from the wild back - part one

a man went into the wild and came out again! (however strubbelig and times again bärtig)

the wild imprints some fast from.
detailed stories there are at the telephone or with larger inquires in one the next spent. at present I am however very busy - sorry.
thus, loosely' s goes:

1. in the wild is quite very warm it. however I played rain man and gezaubert on the first day a covered sky, cold temperatures around 25° and rain drop. to and for itself ne beautiful thing, not however if I thereby in such a way spend itself and in move me place that I a rather centralmagnificent cold catch myself. did not come so well.
otherwise it can be won quite properly to color, now needs I probably really not more to eincremen itself.

2. more knaller! see also photo. thus one of those, it will it notice. this concerns a profit play. the good old of schmidteinander proverb research! which proverb hides itself behind the photo? to the other pictures also do proverbs occur to you?
I am genuinly of believe dropped. studis do not have at all understood which I found so merry…! I have so a thing really ever in mine do not live experienced! particularly since you must present it that the next place 100 km is distant and this photo developed in the midst of of close bushes, where ever in principle a people soul should not have put a foot. perhaps also ever doesn't someone have??

3. wrong announces! ne other history, degrees history was more knaller was only simply unbelievable.

4. presents you, you goes into the enormous wild. to a completely arbitrary place. and everywhere already times someone seems to have been. I did not have anywhere the feeling be really alone. it was quiet, and in fact was also nobody there, but everywhere were keep in track from humans. garbage, waste, bone,…
and which still?
me at one time a student presses an oblong thing into the hand. dark grey color, a kind mixture from plastics and rubber, ends metallically.
after short superior and an investigation has I much sachte and carefully the good piece on the soil put and wanted me on extremely quiet resoles to remove, there takes themselves the next student hell part and throws it into the wild inside. mine live genuinly nearly on me by-pulled. thus leaves myself believes I however best differentiated between Germans and Chinese uighuren to explain. those do not think over consequences.

5. people! forget the thing with the refrigerators!! everything is only one mär the refrigerator industry. (thus as with winter tires…). meat and eggs and so which. nevertheless great the wild holds itself in! after approximately 4 the meat taste will meet… however hey, I by the way lives very intensively still!

6. I with a nashornkäfer mine sleeping bag divided. in addition live into wild different amusing insects. those are sometimes a little large. are there actually no queues in China?? nix!

7. the shitting house competition one breaks off with immediate effect. I think for finding however the first and second place. who wants, once the public toilet at the bus station visits in kuerla. photo no longer made… probably says everything. the thing becomes too delicate me. perhaps küre I from now on the most beautiful eyes of the women.
@ hard TIG: I yesterday drank a liquor with the father of parida. them are probably degrees in Hamburg…

8. I wants to Bochum totally!

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