Friday, April 13, 2007

the large travels!

round trip through xinjiang. that means: old oasis cities, wild landscape, high mountains with snow-covered culminate, friendly and curious humans and endless, schlaglöchergespickte roads. really, it may be that the Chinese are proud on x-thousand kilometers again asphalted roads in the year. but notice: Chinese bitumen is not German bitumen! to know completely importantly. after 13 grant drive of urumqi to the beautiful sayran lake (?) I was therefore finished totally. therefore I saw more kebabtier only living. one grants later, than it came on the table, there I had fallen asleep. into marvelously cosy kasachischen jurte with nomaden, which feast in the summer their cattle on in the mountains (2,100 m) hold. outside it has strongly gewittert, beautifully to to fall asleep. however I became later awake short time. by two hires.
1. again once I had to divide my bed with someone. this time it was a mouse. no, no sweet mouse - probable a uighurische quilting mouse.
2. joschua came also into the tent. he apparent loves the genuine, genuine adventure and meant themselves outside one volume-tore tightens to have. well, there joy arises, so 200 km far away from the next city. but one slept first times. at the next tomorrow then an unforgettable experience. primarily for joschua, whose was supplied foot by an age-old kasachischen medicine man. as it looked (S. photo) and as I joschuas cry interpret it the volumes with its hands properly again zusammengeknotet. subsequently, there were one egg-salt-connected. finished! and again once as info. at dorstener physician parliamentary group. price for this treatment: 2 euro! and free of charge to it one mixes imprints! also interesting then the breakfast! I schlürfe mean milk dte peaceful, when the sheep head comes on the table. it looks one quarter of an hour later in such a way, as if a horde/hurdle would have rumgeknabbert piranhas to it - lightning clean! ah, not completely, those nose is penetrate-remained. why actually?? although I understood it already nearly as insolence that none of the eyes was offered to me.
the really interesting at this lake is that it does not fish gives and one cannot dip apparent also. there was probably already many research there, but one does not know so correctly much probably yet about conditions. altogether it was a very beautiful night, there unfortunate that we in the morning already again drove on. whereby our vehicle is also the hammer. ümüt saved - at the correct end? a car for eight people, but more does not go also really purely - the luggage was banished on the genuinly Chinese porter. I give still maximally two to that meet, then he will say good-bye. already on the first day we had merry situations.
now (15.) if we are in the city yili, evenly have we one let us stroll over a large bazaar made, were with the mosque and in the city park. there there is a museum, where much is told about uighurische history. for example over (enlightened up) an aircraft crash of the entire government of the again created republic east turkestan in the year 1949. those were officially from Mao to Peking loaded and here out yili broken open…
and without government east turkestan naturally no large chance had more. very interesting museum thus. there I have by the way (times again…) hard TIG discovers!

like that, now is Monday. I am in korla, i.e. I am heal over tian shan come. what an experience! approximately 650 km stretch by the mountains, of it for about 200 km on over 3000 m, altogether were we 2 meet on the way, pure running time about 20 grant. that cut counts you out… (I white already believe I, why ümüt itself ne week discharged)
but: our hypervehicle held out! and that might give correctly beautiful photos!
and meanwhile I had really all weather in the last two months! last week still nearly 45 degrees in the shade, next to last night had snowed it in the mountains - accordingly ass cold it was on the passport!
well well, now in korla we are again the wild at the northern edge, but it rained even here this morning strongly! but it was correctly wonderful starting from noon, completely clear air. we made culture for something and looked at us an old city. and tomorrow it goes already again, there continues to drive we eastward the old silk road along. there there is everyone mixes to discover. probably then a new report comes to the situation from the hometown of my host.
oh, the most important in the end! according to one (internal?) dmt organization (actually goes on bodo goerlichs cap?) the Chinese people divides itself as follows: a third wuselt around, a third eats, and a third sleeps. sounds so far good, however I would like to let my own observations flow hereby and supplement. it must be quartered. very urgently the quarter is missing solders and welds!
that had to be still said. machts well and leave the fingers of the sheep eyes…

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