Saturday, April 7, 2007

before it goes into the wild…

a beautiful Saturday together!a man went into the wild and did not come out not. the name can so approximate be translated taklamakan. I however have there different plans, because I do not have desire, as a bear tiger naked man in an earth hole under shrubs to live and a schweigegelübde keep.ümüt it said to me degrees that he saw me last night on the road. I was with mehmet to eat on the way, when we met three of its students. naturally I had to hold for a mandatory photo (I believed the next time require I money), as if ümüt us unnoticed by me in the taxi happened. yesterday all foreign students were invited to a trip. a goal was nashan, or south mountain, pointed to wasserfällen and kasachischen jurten a valley in the high mountains with full. we were certain 100 people, of it to the half of Americans, approximately who make a summer language course here. besides give it in addition, many former students, which here-remained and small children had bring along. thus I became acquainted with again many people. per day there is however not in cut felt 20000. goes, because then I would have already had to become acquainted with some doubly. in any case passes it frequently that someone says, he/they me already there or there would then have seen. I cannot return then always…on the trip yesterday there were a fresh lamb and some chickens for us. those were allowed to eat up to then innocently from the green grass and drink the clear mountain water. thus the meat had a exquisiten taste! at all one slaughters much here. on the university area a great many humans, student, teacher, the whole families live. and in the Muslim families one worries oneself occasionally evenly around the own meat supply. yesterday I did not run myself nothing you anything out ümüts dwelling, when beside the entrance of the house an attained full growth goat had to let it live. with approx. 35°C then one expenditure-feasts, one divides and one touches. the head watches. approximately 4 times on day I see on the road also kid, mutton as whole roast on the motorcycle into the restaurant to drive. refrigerators are generally not so common here apparent, the meat are to stop outside because of the grill rum. but I imagine then that all people nourish themselves in such a way here, and there can I also. tastes also outstanding and hardens the stomach terribly off!as I rose today it strongly rained. there I got times something fresh air into my room. then I washed and in the room distributed my laundry with uighurischem detergent. tomorrow I need for my travel somewhat laundry. there I drive for ten meet into the wild. ümüt and a few student comes along, we maps then pappeln and leaves themselves suns on the bellows to seem. apropos: I have that yesterday also made with the trip. jörg had times again along-thought! I am already rather brown and from therefore without cream into the high mountains had driven. naja, who to hear does not want, feels evenly today. stupidly only that stop is off tomorrow into the real wild. perhaps do I buy equal on bazar ten meters white cloth and do wrap myself in it?many greet to all!

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