Friday, April 13, 2007

dissolution of the mystery and more

I wish a beautiful!
I just am hell on ground escaped. or was it the paradies? if, then is it there very very hot. that let you be said. I was on two-daily trip in turfan, a crying robbing oasis about 200 km of urumqi. and at the same time ists the warmest place in China - anyhow in the summer. temperature in the shade today at least 42 degrees. comes well to tomorrow! has as consequence that one liquid in itself in-run all day long lets and on klo does not have. actually completely practically. and: I used no sunning cream! I will place photos tomorrow in the net, which will be worthwhile itself correctly, because gives it there really very beautiful locates!
still fast to the mystery. the winner is tim! the father was somewhat too slow. other suggestions were meant surely also good, but finally I had introduced myself sowas as - here the dog is buried -. although my physician of the confidence with its sheep legs made me somewhat thoughtful. but know their which? in August am I again there, then I check times more exactly. perhaps ists genuinly filled with garlic and refines slowly before itself?
thus, I remain with best greet until tomorrow! good night!

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