Friday, December 22, 2006

those suffer smart mA

I call this episode „those suffer smart mA “, or also „the scientific studies of the young jörg “. one inspired my wenigkeit by a lunch with the director/conductor of the office for water of the city wuda. ümüt, hard TIG and I had already 2-3 times visited its office 2-3 and had announced us today for a hydraulicgeological exkursion. on these away we have in the morning various wells, bridge, pumping plants in vain and for an unlimited period seen, on the way by the boss of the authority out wuhai water huang he promised to get, and finally evenly in an unbelievable village dwelling at the edge the wild in the midst of of melon and cucumber greenhouses gespiesen and drunk. and Mr. mA its nevertheless very impressing knowledge of my homeland has us kundgetan. it enumerated us the half world champion eleven of 1990, knew over brandts to case of kneeling, has quoted above worth as well as fist and other one read, and knew also that merkel times Secretary of the Environment was. respect! its attitudes covered themselves to a large extent with those of hard TIG (and nearly also with my), which became to begossen accordingly. and there I am intelligent and me my slave contract accordingly before the liquor pressure, am hard TIG and ümüt now to operate „report system “. but large praise, the project might be very helpful the employment of the two - if Fritz should read that times. then I would like to write further briefly over my own studies. the sozioökonomie actually is now very continued to understand. that I need to surely explain to nobody. to try I follow with mine kompagnon - whose is somewhat liquid Chinese fortunately than mine, each still so small source of income to consider. thus to hear to certainly be pleased my boss that I do not shrink from myself also at the probably oldest trade of the world. after the approximately three-hour sow well and massagekur happen so yesterday. ümüt and I us all ladies etablissements present let. and with them - talked. their dortmunder students, does not laugh! I know now, where pavel most gets. however, so a cleaning and a massage are wonderful. me the lady has surely 45 Kilos all eddies treated with their with the feet, before already became standing on me me from adretten gentlemen in fashionable gentleman bathing clothing (…) about three Kilos hautschichten far away and my foot and calf bones believe I again arranged - and all this felt genuinly recovery SAM. the whole cost to by the way ends to 4.6 euro…well well, perhaps it folds now still also a few pictures. otherwise already makes happy you on my next study results. and still which: here it does not become more coldly. although we move today already again five minutes had. becomes the people in wuda believes I also slowly terribly…

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