Sunday, January 7, 2007

tomorrow everything is brown…

well jippieh! 39°C. that was today one day to acclimatizes for the next months. with the result that I am angerötet despite more sunblocker something. but as said, tomorrow a knusprige bräune will have put over the branch ral body. you notice already, the mood again to some extent are correct. that looked yesterday still differently, after with ours drive to yinchuan everything inclined had actually run. only gabs problems with my visa, so that I will probably travel now with visa run off after urumqi (we to try some more different one, but otherwise have me all sides firmly insured that I punish 50 euro all at the most with 500 yuan, thus count must - well, what I am to make…), then hard TIG and I could buy still no course driving tickets to Peking, because that meets here apparent only to 5 before beginning goes, and then were there evenly still this somewhat unpleasant history with the Chinese radfahrerin, who wanted to take up it on a very chaotic crossing with our jeep. we express it times in such a way. bath idea! but it will probably survive, then anyhow ümüts info. was otherwise is the driver only times with the police away, which became to dare seized, and we were not lynched thank God. I would also not like to write everything now, the day was however shit so correctly. nevertheless I could sleep reasonably. and as said, today' s goes already again. I was the wild with two of the bgr colleagues in and when their measurements helped.we were even with all eat, there occur to me that I still nothing at all of first (! after over two weeks!!!) liquor massacre told. correctly, it was so far. got it us after a school attendance in wuhai, afterwards we by the school line and to unite teachers was invited. I can repeat myself in each case, it make already sense to adhere to beer! does one have every ten minutes on a exquisites klo (place 1? - hopefully' s goes today times with pictures), but but one does not die stop. has already predivide, as I mean. determines half of us it so correctly got. only one example. hard TIG and Stefan. poor in poor in peaceful schlummernd the table. hähä - if history with the foot-chained for students nevertheless times really acutely will should, then I have however extortion material. more betrayal I not. which happens in the area,… you know already. so, for that moment is to be enough.I greet all very very many times!

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