Thursday, December 7, 2006

for a change times text!!

like that, now it is at the time that I write times some lines. meanwhile there eight already meets wuda. and - toi toi toi - everything goes its course, up to the usual smaller linguistic, cultural, organizational, whatever runs for problemchen it really approximately. for example for us a little house in the fire zone is built, a bildchen is attached. I try still to secure for me the later right at the letting - surely in or does other one have from you the desire on adventure vacation in gobi? from time to time also certainly times a camel looks past, in addition can do you you of the local workers for approximately 6 euro on the day for example one veranda with view to it-build to leave! well?an interesting suggestion would be also to use this hut than basis camps for a fine dust citizens' initiative because so which there is not here (still). I strike however only times an initiative against grobstaub pre I would better not like not to know, how many years of mine are lost here oh so beautiful life. yesterday for example I have with ümüt the wuda industrial estate apart taken and visited various factories. that was naturally highly interesting, but my lung wanted to pile up tonight during the sleep secretly… degrees awake-became still punctual!apropos: my family doctor seems himself over means tapeworm to ensure. and actually: that is away. I had unfortunately up-lubricated a wrong geschmacksrichtung before three to meet on a migration (you must avoid the green…), and there more isser gone. in several portions. for it ask: where I get now on the fast new ago, because such a tapeworm has nevertheless good sides, I could for example so far as much eat as I was merry. and now? I would have believe I gladly a German. can make gladly named suggestions for it!where we are with animals. in the area I saw a genuine digging horse even with a small private charring mine. with that I would also not like to exchange! hard TIG said to me thereupon however that I would have to work in urumqi for ümüt as schaschlik salesmen. did I overlook something there in the contract?? how once again a menschenpflichte no longer with menschenääh… oh, me falls was the word… or in such a way? China colors probable nevertheless fast off.what gives' s still? yes, afterwards we go leaving probably closed in sauna and us afterwards through-knead. there we got 17 coupons. I have all this on my room, therefore I am perhaps also calm and wait to it all forgot, in order to let it go to me then correctly well. of course it concerns respectable massage. I have the suspicion that no sweet mouse will mass me there, but I hold you up to date!that is a good ends. I go then times on look for the others, we gotten probably still our custom-made work jackets. a photo will then soon have to be admired.I wish you a beautiful weekend and sunbeams!

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