Saturday, March 17, 2007

urumqi - first

once a cordial thank-beautifully to all, which pressed me the thumbs! the latter meet were very arduous for my nerves, but like it goes now everything seems well.for those, it yet did not receive follows an edited version.I am already since 4 meet in urumqi. last Thursday (on 16.6.) I was in Peking, when my hotel drew the attention of me to the fact that my visa is no longer all too for a long time valid. they added, I might remain up to 18., afterwards there would be two possibilities. either I submit an official to write from the police that I get an extension, or however evenly for their part to 19 would contact her. the police… is also understandable, history in Germany probably not differently would run. stupidly only that I actually already approximately 2.1 million official write from any internal-Mongolian police-placed, from the charring mine boss, from the State Department of ningxia, of actually everyone kaff in the bag it had. unfortunately all these beautiful red stamps did not bring nothing at all. and like that the attempt was from the beginning useless in principle in Peking at the authority. finally hard TIG and I have next after the second unsuccessful police-visit tomorrow decided that I take better the next after machine urumqi. thus I had to pay willy-nilly the full price and sat in the afternoon in the flier. without suit-cases by the way, because I had taken only light combat pack into account for Peking. stupidly run - saved on the other hand however the annoying warterei to luggage-bound. well, the flight went around even quite fast - 4 granted was it, once across to China. from the flier risen the heat met me xinjiangs, those me still longer will accompany (more beautifully would however be it, if my shower on the room would funtionieren and I had a refrigerator - however only so at the edge…). ümüt for my arrival if everything had organized perfectly, I from a friend had been fetched, could draw into my Chinese student hostel (with the hand baggage) and to to eat with ümüts woman more güher and its son ögdür had met. on Friday I am immediately again to the police. problem this time: my health certificate from Germany. the Chinese behind his flag somehow did not so really impress. probably it wanted to only prove that the Chinese physicians are just as good as the Germans. greet on uli here! the ladies and gentlemen in the international medicine center repeated genuinly so rather the entire investigations of you. which I am to say, I had my own needle with blood-remove, with the ultrasonic likewise probably with lubricates gone around, those heart lady doctor hair-exactly organized after a short view of the electrocardiogram in its smart booklet my small zipperlein discovered… indeed very well. with it differentiated however that me the three-hour fun cost to only 30 euro; -)I could fetch the results not until today, am now proud owner of a Chinese health certificate. the most important however: I can fetch my visa on Friday. the day of yesterday (illegal in China) was thus probably gotten over without consequences. I will be pleased correctly however only if I again in the hands hold my loved passport. at present it is a 80%-freuer. in addition, comes, which we have still. thus, pictures of my bude are attached. meanwhile I am with decoration-work under way. pictures hang etc. up.a few general imprints too urumqi. hard TIG, you was right. the city is genuinly the hammer. cannot be compared with other Chinese cities. here humans are called evenly no longer wang and liu, but mehmet and abdulrahman. I ate naturally already various pointed. indeed lecker. whereby was noticeable to me, which consists the common uighurische spiess of five pieces meat. first is always the best piece, very soft and at the same time knusprig. then always the piece comes fat as the second, which can be eaten however, because it is outside knusprig and strongly peppered and in addition provides for the taste. the third and fourth piece is through-grows, there must one either through or but look which be eaten can. too better lastly finely roasted piece follows. altogether many kebabtiere for me you will have live to let… which with this heat by the way is very pleasant: if I look from my window, then I see in the far extremely high mountain range. so highly that snow lies there! beautiful thing! if my view about 100 m curves to the right, then I see 25 floors a high new house there. there all inhabitants pull at one time in these meet. that is gewusel - nicely to regard. and in the middle in it ümüt including clan. those pull stick in the 15. a very beautiful dwelling with geilem view over the city - shortly I make of it pictures. directly before my window the sport area of the university extends. there I become in the morning always beautifully awake, if the first studis its basketball (that have here all, must times look where one that somehow in vain gets…) to bounce leave. that can be done then all day long over so to approximately 1 o'clock at night. then I may sleep.a while ago (meanwhile it is Tuesday) I was with ümüt on greeting-round in the faculty. me first times all names noted and in addition, who speaks English, German or kisuaheli. because some, which studied times in Germany, a mathematics professor ran away to us for example coincidentally over that, that 4 years are actual long with ümüt in Berlin lived. all seemed to be very friendly - the lady of the post office I equal times beautiful eyes made - who white to which that is good…
I become shortly also times a testweise package on travel send. at whom, I decide after receipt of your packages!tomorrow has I mean first lecture! on Chinese. the dekan asked me whether I would have heard interest something over geography xinjiangs. me it made sure briefly whether there are pictures to see and then naturally affirmatively. that gives determines a large hello in the hall! I meet shortly with then with ralf. ralf comes from Germany and over ümüt before three years to the university came. as an exchange student. my predecessor thus. if I meet with it, then I fly for it however not to Germany - he married, speaks meanwhile one uighurin flowing the language,… . I wanted to write only times evenly. I am Christmas again there. promised! my foot-chained I did not durchgekriegt up to then - topic.
go to accusing, the pictures not until tomorrow…


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afterwards there would be two possibilities. either I submit an official to write from the police that I get an extension, or however evenly for their part to 19 would contact her. the police
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