Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Turkish double wedding, part II

title of the today's report: „Turkish double wedding, part II “. jawohl, it is again so far! bake again in yinchuan. whereupon I waited: garlic salad for breakfast. that brings all life spirit back to the drums. and here it disturbs none. I would like times a short overview of the highlights of the latter meet give. we have altogether four meet in alashan and/or gulaben spent, and were there very well taken up. all humans, particularly the unbelievably squinting liu, were terribly friendly and helpful. I have myself mainly with two Chinese of the country and resources management office rumgetrieben, spoke outstanding English. besides we could manufacture contact in such a way to residents an Australian organization, which is active likewise in the environmental range. with we parting-eat so a rather international troop on Friday evening were. German, whereby jolanta in polarize is born (by the way in gleiwitz, robi!), then Australian (one was born in Wales - there one had to listen very exactly…), then stop Chinese, in addition was spoken uighurisch and Mongolian. I believe, we was against three o'clock in bed, and like that I was not yesterday correct so on the height. but we could drink yesterday in yinchuan cafe correct in best western the hotel. and I gegönnt myself a cup of ice-cream. is European, there nix Chinese is bar there to, and thus I could for one grant there perfectly to switch off, with English music. it became at the night unfortunately not so correctly coldly, under 25° the temperatures somehow did not probably sink. now ists already again correctly alashan we ate in a Chinese pizzeria. those had more esther times discovered. and we know now that there is there correct pizza, with correct cheese (one does not find otherwise)! why in the wild so ne bude does not stand just in the middle - a notion. we assumed that an Italian student was located there chained in the kitchen. in addition there was by the way ginger beer, also very bekömmlich. beside cucumber beer we had already pineapple beer (with ice cubes in it). in addition there was wine, which tasted French to alashan a very very good 92er. for 3 euro the bottle besides affordably.I had placed pictures in the net, under it the day before yesterday to one of a super8trudelmaschine. those is used, in order to throw seeds off over the wild, so that the surface is fastened and is not constantly whirled up the sand. if we had remained longer one day, then we had probably also been able to along-fly… however simply from the soil the machine to look at itself, is also completely pleasant in I with ümüt times to sight, which we so far everything at materials to have collected and which we must absolutely translate. I will then probably make that in urumqi with students together, because does not come here ümüt at the whole organization rather to it. in addition I should bring directly times a Chinese virus program on my computer, so that not at one time my whole pictures away are.a genuinly ingenious experience had we before star also still. in the afternoon we drove to our driver with liu and into the mountains, where we visited a temple. stood in approximately 2300m height on nem mountain, and that away there was so rather the direct. the Chinese love it to build stairs. and in such a way led innumerable gradate up. interesting - however somehow not so completely my conception of a mountain migration. nevertheless, we were compensated by a gigantic view - on side the complete chained helan shan (starting from a certain height there correct forests and it stand give pointed!) up to 3500m, and on the other side evenly the view rises far far into the wild inside. there I could look then direction urumqi. to there there nch thousands kilometer, it gives however only two or three cities on that away…the most beautiful however was the smell in saves. it smelled as in the alps, and that was times a correctly beautiful feeling! because otherwise China does not smell necessarily now well, if I may so generally summarize. but grant this few in save - class!with it the current report ends! I wish you which!I dreamed letztens times about one grill evening with save ribs in Dortmund. wärs now. greet to all - meet until!

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