Saturday, February 17, 2007

welcomely in the wild!

tach together!so, it is so far! wuda is processed, alashan welcomes us with wonderful weather, sandduenen and a lunch. what differentiated degrees of charring city beside fire zone 3-2, lain favourably, to the really interesting, but tourism-technically not. uemuet hard TIG is, jolanta and I on own fist first times on investigation route in yinchuan still on the way, from therefore is. and in such a way I found this schnuckelige Internet cafe. evenly we played for five cent billiard at the place before the stadium of alashan, on an easily sloping table. excitingly. directly we seek to drink itself somewhat cool - must you times make a little envious. does not sound degrees after summer with you…which hold you of it: I deliver you approx. six degrees! in agreement?thus. I Mach me then times that away. wish you all good and me also!until then, next time wirds again more informatively!